P3.express Practitioner: online certification

Verify your knowledge of p3express and get certified

About the Certification

P3.express is a minimalist, practical project management system. The system was initially developed in Belgium and in 2020 it was supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Today dozen of practitioners from all over the world take part in P3.express development and dozens of teams use it as a basis for managing their projects.

In March 2022 the P3.express Administration Team launched the online P3.express Practitioner Certification Program. They say that candidates who are certified are expected to be able to manage projects or contribute to their management in an effective and structured way using P3.express.

Advantages of the Certification:

No pre-requisites
Available online
Valid for life

Exam Format:

  • 70 questions in 100 minutes
  • The questions are multiple-choice or multiple-answer
  • No penalty for wrong answers
  • Now the certification is available only in English
  • Passing rate is 67%
  • It is open-book
  • The exam is administrated by CertN platform

How to Take the Exam:

Pay for the exam voucher following the instructions below
Now you can pay by PayPal or we can send an invoice for your company
You will get the email with the exam voucher code within 1-2 days
After that you can activate the exam voucher code on the certn.global website
Take the practice exams and proceed with the certification
You will have the access to the practice exams once you activate the exam voucher code

Get the Exam Voucher Code
P3.express Practitioner (Certification)
  • The cost of the certification is €160
  • You can pay via credit card or PayPal
  • The exam is administered by certN and Van Haren Learning Solutions
  • The exam voucher code is valid for 1 year
  • To pay by the invoice please contact vfkapustina@pmclub.pro
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