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About the Certification is a minimalist, practical project management system. The system was initially developed in Belgium and in 2020 it was supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Today dozen of practitioners from all over the world take part in development and dozens of teams use it as a basis for managing their projects.

In March 2022 the Administration Team launched the online Practitioner Certification Program. They say that candidates who are certified are expected to be able to manage projects or contribute to their management in an effective and structured way using

The Sample Video

Course Authors
Dmitrii Ilenkov, P3P, PMP
  • PMCLUB Founder
  • Accredited Trainer
  • Practitioner
  • More than 10 years of experience in project management
Valeriia Ilenkova, P3P, PMP
  • PMCLUB Founder
  • Practitioner
  • More than 5 years of experience in project management in volunteer, education and commercial projects

Course Program
  • About PMCLUB
  • What is
  • Nearly Universal Principles of Projects
1. Project Initiation
A01 - Appoint the sponsor
A02 - Appoint the project manager
A03 - Appoint the key team members
A04 - Describe the project
A05 - Identify and plan the deliverables
A06 - Identify risks and plan responses
A07 - Have project initiation peer-reviewed
A08 - Make a go/no-go decision
A09 - Kick off the project
A10 - Conduct a focused communication
2. Monthly Initiation
B01 - Revise and refine the plans
B02 - Have the monthly cycle peer-reviewed
B03 - Make a go/no-go decision
B04 - Kick off the monthly cycle
B05 - Conduct a focused communication
3. Weekly Management
C01 - Measure and report performance
C02 - Plan responses for deviations
C03 - Kick off the weekly cycle
C04 - Conduct a focused communication
4. Daily Management
D01 - Manage risks, issues, and change requests
D02 - Accept completed deliverables
5. Monthly Closure
E01 - Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction
E02 - Capture lessons and plan for improvements
E03 - Conduct a focused communication
6. Project Closure
F01 - Hand over the product
F02 - Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction
F03 - Have the closing activity group peer-reviewed
F04 - Archive the project documents
F05 - Celebrate!
F06 - Conduct a focused communication
7. Post Project Management
G01 - Evaluate the benefits
G02 - Generate new ideas
G03 - Conduct a focused communication Practitioner Certification useful links

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