Рroducer/Project Manager в США

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1. Позиция: Рroducer/Project Manager
2. Компания: Идивидуальная разработка сайтов и приложений с нуля

3. Задачи:
— Management of 3-4 projects in parallel;
— Client-focused delivery: discover all client needs (even those that are not immediately visible/communicated), convert them into goals and track them to make sure those goals are met;
— Roadmap development in the context of high uncertainty;
— Build your own teams and set them up for success;
— Manage scope to meet timeline and budgetary goals;
— Measure performance to identify areas for improvement, both on project, practice and company level;
— Build a system of visualized reporting for both clients and the company management team.

4. Условия:
— Experience building a culture of a Deliberately Developmental Organization, which provides an opportunity for personal growth in the workplace environment;
— High levels of autonomy: own projects and manage them your way as long as you can hit the goals;
— Working with diverse projects and unique clients whose products make an impact on the entire Internet and the way people get information;
— By working with the top leadership, you'll be exposed to different opportunities for development within the company, which would in turn allow you to quickly grow beyond your initial role;
— Become a part of a multinational team;
— Practise and improve English at work.

5. З/п: $12-15 per hour
6. Резюме сюда: irina.petrova@e-escalate.ru + @murzira

Дата публикации: 26.10.20
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