Project Manager в Orbita VC

Удалённая работа
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1. Позиция: Project Manager
2. Компания: Orbita VC
3. Сфера: FinTech

4. Ключевые задачи:
— Conduct competitor research.
— Plan customer journey maps (CJMs) and product features.
— Conduct research interviews with B2B clients.
— Create detailed product plans and timelines.
— Coordinate and allocate resources.
— Monitor project progress and track key milestones.
— Conduct regular project status meetings, providing updates to senior management.
— Maintain project documentation.
— Foster a positive and productive work environment.

5. З/п €3000-3500
6. Формат работы: Только удалёнка
7. Резюме сюда: ksenia.d@orbita.vc